Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lift me, won't you lift me above the old routine? Make it nice, wear it clean…

The first time I laid eyes on you I fell in love, you melted my heart and made me feel like a new woman. You were everything I’d ever needed or wanted, it was as if we were made for each other. How uplifting it was to have you near, I couldn’t get enough, and we became inseparable.

Then after a few years had passed to my utter dismay and horror something in you snapped. It was as if you had pierced my heart and as a result I couldn’t breathe because of the pain, so I very quietly and without a word extricated myself from you and walked away. Every token and fond remembrance of you was discarded, this was the only way I could cope with the loss at the time.

Now it’s been nine months since that fateful day; through it all I’ve found that life has been less constrictive and more comfortable without you. Memories have faded, but those that haven’t are overshadowed by the heart stabbing wound, that pain has forever been burned in my mind. I will never look back and am thankful that I will never again have to experience the physical let down and heart stabbing pain of an underwire bra gone bad.


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